Do Your Unwanted Items Suffer From:

  1. Rips, tears or broken?
  2. Stains or dirt?
  3. Poor working condition?

If you answered YES to these questions, please take 1 trip directly to the City Disposal Grounds.

Possible side effects if your un-useable items are dropped off or donated to the “For the Interval Store” when they are not in saleable condition:

  • Reduced productivity due to clean up
  • Aches and pains from lifting additional items
  • Acquired coughs and sneezes from dust
  • Useable space occupied by un-useable items
  • Unnecessary disposal of defective items

For extra relief please keep in mind that the For the Interval Store:

  • Graciously accepts clean, unbroken and resalable items, this includes furniture
  • Cannot accept large appliances or hide-a-beds