Over the month of November you may see tent cards with the Red Silhouette images on counters of local business these images represent men, women and children that have lost their lives due to family violence. Let’s END the silence and STOP the violence, if you think someone you know is experiencing family violence, reach out by calling the Family Violence Info Line at 310-1818 or The Lloydminster Interval Home at (780) 875-0966.

1.According to police statistics, family violence happens in all Alberta communities — yes, even in our community.
• The abuse can cause physical, sexual, emotional and/or nancial harm. Being threatened with or experiencing violence creates a pattern of ongoing fear.

2.We are all paying a high price for family violence
• Family violence is not just a “private family matter” – it’s a crime, and it aects the entire community.

3.Children are harmed by family violence, whether it’s the child or other family members being directly harmed, and even if they’re in another room when it happens.
• Children exposed to family violence can be aected as much as the individual experiencing the violence.
• Exposure to family violence can aect a child’s brain development, emotional well-being, learning and ability to connect with other people and make friends.

4.Youth who are dating are at risk of family violence.
• Youth are particularly vulnerable to dating violence since they don’t have as much experience to draw on when making decisions in dating relationships.

5.Older adults and people with disabilities are more vulnerable to family violence.
• These individuals may not have the capacity to protect themselves, so they are counting on us to look out for them.

6.Abused men and women have different experiences and support needs.
• Both men and women can be victims of family violence, and their experiences can be unique.

7.An abusive or violent episode is rarely an isolated incident, and the violence will likely escalate over time.
• Family violence is a pattern or cycle of controlling behaviour.

8.Family violence is a learned behaviour, so it can be un-learned and replaced by healthy relationship skills.
• There are many adults who have chosen to break free from a violent past and they have developed healthy, loving relationships with their own families.

9.Help is available, day or night.
• If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 911;
• For information or advice, call the 24-hour Family Violence Info Line, toll-free in Alberta at 310-1818, or The Lloydminster Interval Home at (780) 875-0966