Dating Violence is any intentional psychological, sexual or physical attack on one partner by the other in a dating relationship. Studies show that Dating Violence is a serious problem in Canada. Dating Violence can happen to anyone, of any age.

  • Partner acting jealous or possessive
  • Partner decides how you act and how you dress
  • Partner keeps you away from family and friends
  • Partner breaks or throws objects when angry
  • Partner has pressured you to participate in sexual acts
  • Partner has hit, slapped, punched, kicked , bit, pushed or spit on you
  • Partner has threatened to hurt you or people close to you
  • Partner has threatened suicide if you end relationship
  • Partner has forced you to watch pornography
  • Partner needs to know where you are at all times
  • Partner has come from an alcoholic or violent home
  • Partner becomes angry when using alcohol or drugs
  • Partner degrades, humiliates or insults you
  • Partner calls you names
  • Partner unwilling to talk about feelings
  • Partner blames others for abusive behavior
  • Partner does not allow you to work
  • Partner ridicules your beliefs and values
  • Partner continuously accuses you of flirting or having an affair
  • Partner expects sex in return for paying for a date

Are you Experiencing Dating Violence?

Please call our confidential 24 hour crisis line at (780) 875-0966.